Hello naturally curly, my name is Latosca Asbery and I’ve been natural for about 3 years now. My friend helped me out with the growth by doing protective styles such as Crochet and sew-ins and I seen growth but not anymore that I’m not wearing protective styles. I want my natural hair to breathe during the Spring/Summer. I’m strongly thinking about braids again. The current products that I am using are: Taliah Waajid Clean-N-Curly - Hydrating Shampoo (I use to use the whole product line but I was going through it too fast)As I am leave-in conditioner Tresemme moisture rich conditioner ( as my deep conditioner, 15-30 w/ plastic cap)A homemade cocktail mixed w/ water, leave-in conditioner, and organic coconut oil). I noticed w/ my cocktail, it makes my hair super tight before detangle and styling. I see “a lot” of hair in my combs and brushes when detangling. I try to keep my hair trimmed every 8 weeks and according to your articles, I’m doing everything right but I’m still not seeing growth. Please help! I also need recommendation on flat irons and how to use them properly.  

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hot olive oil treatments . Once a week, with a plastic cap and under a hooded dryer.
There are a lot of other things you can try. First I would say, don't flat iron your hair, and if possible, just let it air dry and don't even use the diffuser. Try and stay heat free, and manipulate your hair as little as possible. You could also do daily scalp massages and even get some essential oils (rosemary is really good for growth) and do the inverted method where you flip your hair over and put your head between your knees while you massage your scalp with the oils for about 5 minutes. Also, any foods that promote healthy scalp and blood circulation in your scalp will help your hair grow. It's also all about keeping your ends healthy so that your hair can retain the length. If you don't see any really bad ends or don't feel that you need to get it cut every 8 weeks then I'd say jet let it grow. Vitamins that may help are just in general a daily multivitamin, biotin, and omega-3 fish oil. If your hair still isn't growing with all that then you may want to have blood tests to check your iron. If you have low iron, that can stunt hair growth and even cause hair thinning. Just some general tips :) Good luck!
Thanks ladies for your help.