Guy here... how to not kill the wave in my medium length hair?

Hey, so I'm a guy that recently got a medium length cut down from a longer-guy length of almost to my shoulders. I noticed my hair had wave when left to air dry before,  but would go away when I used the hair dryer.Any way, I moved to a medium style that was based on a picture with a lot of wave and volume. My hair does not seem to be able to get the same volume, but I was hoping for the wave.But, when I am trying to style my hair, a wave appears, and then quickly goes away when I'm drying it! Without the wave, my hair looks really flat and boring.I am still trying to learn more about my hair -- this is something I really never thought about.I think I have the 2A pattern based on what it looked like when it was longer.I am using some products from my stylist right now. I was told I needed a hydrating shampoo as well, and be careful about my hair drying out --- my hair was dry??? I don't even know what's the difference?Shampoo/Cond: Sebastian DrenchPaul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Hydrocream WhipPaul Mitchell Express Dry Stay Strong Hair SprayThey did also sell me Surface Curl Whip Mousse or something like that... I found today when I used the Hydrocream Whip my wave went away, but I applied this mouse on the now dry hair and the wave came back some.Are there any "guy" scented stuff? Some of These claim to  be unisex, but they all kind of smell... "sweet". I don't mind using products that are superior if they mean better hair, but I don't want to become a flower.Thanks for the help!

1 Answer

It might help to get something that smells like sandalwood. Or like patchouli. You can also get a lightly scented leave in but the ONLY guy stuff that comes to mind is hair pomade and stuff like old spice putty. Sorry I can't recommend anything but maybe there's a hair pomade/similar product that can help. I would say try Argan or Moroccan oil but depending what brands you get the scent might be strong (not sure about it being sweet or not).The easy solution for keeping waves would have been tie back the hair if it's long enough, otherwise its flip hair upside down and tousle product in that way. My brother has wavey hair but I don't know what he uses. Last time I visited he shared products with his GF and she has very curly hair. His is 2A and hers is 3C/4A. I have 3B hair and his products worked on my hair. That was a while ago so I don't think he's using the same stuff. His hair is now passed his shoulders but I'll ask and hope he gets back to me about what he uses. If anything I'll reply again :) but if not, good luck!