How do you guys manage your hair whilst swimming? Need some ideas!

Hi, I'm a sixteen year old student living in the UK. I'm a swimmer- I'm in the pool fifteen hours a week, every week, which is a lot of chlorine exposure for my hair, which is type 3b/c (3b near the front, 3c at the back). I think my hair is in okay condition considering the abuse it gets from the pool everyday, but I was wondering if there was any way of alleviating it a bit. The oil/conditioner in a swimming cap doesn't work, as the cap just slips off my head and I end up spending most of the session sitting on poolside with my coach yelling at me to put my hat back on.Also, any ideas for styling wet hair? I train before school for a hour and a half in the morning, and I can't always dry my hair at the pool. My hair reaches halfway down my neck ( over shoulder length when stretched) and I have annoying bangs that I'm trying to grow out.Any help would be appreciated! 

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