Is my haiis this normal? my twa feels like an iron sponge when dry but like babys hair when wet.

No matter what leave in I use or sealant ( shea butter/ Bergamot). i cant seem to maintain the softness/ moisture saturated softness my hair has when I just wash it.Under 1 hour it dries up completely and whatever way i have decide to wear my hair now looks horrible.  I did the floating porosity test and 10 min later my hair was still floating. Is this normal? this should mean that my hair is very very low porosity then why does it dry out so fast? i also heard about washing with warm water and rinsing with cold water. should the rinse be post conditioner so as to close the pores to seal it in? does this rinse out any products ive put in my hair?also am i a 4a or 4c? the test on your page says the former but i always thought i was the latter because of how difficult my hair is.

1 Answer

What moisturizer are you using?