My hair is less than 1 inch and is always dry and damaged. How can I grow healthy 4b/?/4c hair?

I started off my natural hair journey about 8 years ago, and since then I have been so frustrated with my head! My hair has multiple curl patterns from what I can tell, but mostly I have thin 4b/4c strands. I have messed up a few times (not moisturizing as much, not trimming often, etc.) but I really would like to have my hair grow healthy. It is currently dry and brittle with a few knots. I can never seem to get my hair to grow past 3-4 inches. Please please help me!

1 Answer

Have you tried protective styling? Type 4 hair is fairly fragile and is prone to knots and breaking. Moisturizing should be your top priority. Length comes with health. So focus on improving the health of your hair first, and the inches will follow. One thing to keep in mind is that hair grows from the scalp. Scalp health makes hair grow. Incorporate scalp massages and make sure your scalp is not dry (applying an oil WHILE doing scalp massages does amazing things, trust me!)Create a routine. Have a wash day, a deep condition routine, occasional protein treatments, and how often you will moisturize a week. Have your hair get used to this routine and it will flourish!Good Luck!