The front of my hair is only about 3 inches long from cutting. How can I care for my shorter hairs?

I'm 14 yrs old and me, my mom and sister are natural. I decided to go on an all-natural-hair-journey when I turned 14 (this year) but I have a few problems:I admit to not caring for my hair in my past years and now it is decidedly wild. I am either a 2c or a 3c. Still a little unsure because I am just currently beginning my 'natural hair journey' and my hair DOES NOT BEHAVE.  When I was younger I stupidly cut (or trimmed) my hair by myself and the end result was: Jagged and uneven front hairs (currently about 3 inches long/tall) and the rest of my hair is not so bad, but definitely odd lengths. It's been years since I cut my hair, but it still hasn't grown very much. Is there something I can use to improve my jagged edges, and to tame the rest of my hair??P.S.  I am a DIY fan - so any home remedies or DIY hair products, would be greatly appreciated!

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