How to get my hair bigger and to stay big?

I don't have tight curls but I want to get my hair to be huge. My hair is about mid-back length and is fairly thick. I don't like to tease my hair. I've tried to use a afro pick on my hair at the roots. I've also diffused and used a regular hairdryer after about 60% dry... but it doesn't stay big throughout the day. What can I do to keep my hair from falling flat throughout the day?

3 Answers

I suggest picking out a little then sneaking in those tiny claw clips at the root to combat the weight of your hair 
If you want to get your hair bigger, you may need to work with hair shrinkage which will give you more volume but may have your hair looking a bit shorter than it actually is.I'm going to advice you based on your hair type. I think you have big curls which like to hang downwards and doesn't stay up( like in a fro ) unless you use a lot of effort to keep it up. You can get your hair to be bigger by using hairstyles that allow your hair to shrink up and increase volume like flexi rod sets and Bantu knot outs. There are plenty of tutorials available for you on how do those styles; check Google and YouTube. If it doesn't turn out as big as you want it to, you can always fluff it( gently separate each curl with your fingers to get more volume ). P.S. I love your curls!
and one last thing... I'm sorry to say this, but your hair will fall flat gradually( it's a natural phenomenon with your hair type ). Though, the styles that I told you to do may last for a few days before falling flat completely if maintained at night by pineappling( putting your hair into a loose ponytail gathered at the top of your head then wrapping and tying a satin scarf round your hair and head; there are posts and picture tutorials on how to pineapple on this website ) or redoing the hair style.Sorry for the typos in my last comment.