Hair is breaking when I add products..why?

hello,ill try to make this brief.I stumbled across this site and have been attempting to care for my Curley hair. It's been immensely dry and coarse primo now it's getting moisture but it only last as long as the product.My issue is when I add shea moisture repair conditioner it just starts breaking off, same with the curl conditioner. Even when I'm gentle as soon as it's applied strands just start breaking off. I read I should get a hair steamer and deep condition. Anyone agree?I have 3b/3a hair

2 Answers

You might want to try a protein treatment.. apohghee really helped me.
On the could be really protein sensitive. If these make your hair hard when you use them then they will make your hair more likely to snap. If that's the need to look for protein free products. SM just came out with a line of some. It's only in some Targets as it hasn't had it's nationwide launch yet. But you can YT protein free hair care regimens  (Long hair Aaron has a good video). Avoid Coconut too  if you are Protein Sensitive. You need moisture and steam can help. Maybe just try grapeseed, olive oil or argan oil and see if that works better. Try co-washing with a light conditioner or sulfate free shampoo. Don't risk your hair by keep doing what's not helping!