What are the hair care basics?

I'm 43 years old. I had medium length hair in my early teens that my parents just hated. it was usually dry and frizzy. Much to my dismay my parents made me cut it short. I have always liked long hair on most people but I am lost as what to do with my own. So as a result I have been cutting it short so I don't have the frizzys to deal with. I think I have 2c hair. I would like to grow it to a medium length. I think my curley hair could look great if I give it a chance, maybe not but I'm going to see what happens. I'm starting to get a bit of the frizzy look so I have started co washing and I'm thinking I shouldn't brush it as that seems to bring the frizz out. I'm looking for hair advice to get started with good advice.Thanks,Dave

1 Answer

Hi Dave. Well, you know what Lorraine says, a frizzed curl is a curl waiting for moisture :) so I would say you need to deep condition...when Im in a hurry but still want my hair to be taken care of I use deep conditioners that penetrate fast and with no heat, that way you put it on and by the time you finish taking your shower you are done. You also need to apply a leave in your hair and then, apply a light oil. Don't be afraid of brushing your hair, if you see frizz just apply some leave in and then seal.