What hair care regimen is best for my hair?

I haven't had a relaxer in 5 years and my hair barely touches my shoulder. It frustrates me because I thought I would've had significant growth. After big chopping my hair I started wearing braids, and after 3 or 2 months I'd take them out shampoo and condition my hair then straighten it with a blow dryer or flat iron or just leave it how it was.the only grease i would use on my hair while I had braids in my hair was sulfur 8 and when I'd have them out I'd use pink lotion. Also, after a day or a couple hours later I'd get the braids put back in. I know what was I thinking big mistake. Last year in February I decided not to use heat on my hair and it would be a whole year next week. After that I still got braids, but treated my hair with more respect. I decided during the fall that since I am in the 10th grade and growing older and more confident I should wear my natural hair around, and I did. I started using oils, creams, and took biotin for a month and saw significant changes in my hair, but it was still not as healthy. Now I have braids in my hair again and am about to take them out soon. ANY advice would be helpful to get back on track.

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Hi kaylen! First of all -- congrats on going natural! I wish I would have been as confident as you when I was in high school. The first thing you need to do is really understand what you mean when you say your hair is not healthy. Is it breaking? Is it not staying moisturized? Are there some pieces that won't curl because of all the flat ironing way back when? It's important that we have realistic expectation for what our hair should look and feel like, so first you need to pinpoint exactly what you mean by "unhealthy" hair. as far as getting a regimen, here's mine:Pre-Poo: I did this step when my hair was longer. I would use an oil like coconut oil or even a cheap conditioner and detangle my hair before i used shampoo. I don't do this anymore since cutting off my hairShampooDeep condition Detangle (i use my fingers i don't use combs anymore) Rinse with cool waterLeave In ConditionerStylerHope that helps!