Hair care on a very small budget??

I have medium length, high density, low porosity, 3c curls. While I want my hair to be as healthy as possible, majority of the hair care products I see just aren't in my budget. How can I keep my hair healthy without emptying my wallet?

3 Answers

Your hair looks great!I'm on the same page wanting to treat it better at budget. What I did was to get a sulfate free shampoo and a conditioner. I do deep condition with coconut oil, which I also use as a leave in conditioner. I got a CG friendly curling cream which I use mixing it with water. I'm working on making a glycerin spray to hold my curls. You should go to the DIY section and look for ideas.
I think the first thing to know is hair can be healthy without depending on products.It is quite easy to maintain natural hair without products, however they can be of assistance. There are many budget friendly products that work; but I think you should just start with some basic products: shampoo, conditioner/deep conditioner (some people only use deep conditioner right after their shampoo), moisturizer/leave in, and an oil. Start with your basics, then branch out to other things. (Like stylers/defining cremes/etc)Here are some low budget product lines you can try:- Tresemme (these have shampoos and conditioners that work amazing! I recommend Perfectly Undone, Flawless Curls, Luxurious Moisture and the Botanique Lines)- Aussie (The 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner and the Moist Daily Conditioner)- Cantu Naturals (they have a slew of products all about 5-6 dollars)- Creme of Nature (hey have multiple lines, I recommend the Straight from Morocco Argan Oil Line)- Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Line- ORS Products- Beautiful Textures- Ecostyler (this is a styler/gel but is a cheap staple for many naturals!)All of these lines can be found in walmart and most of the products are about $7 or less!As for Oils, they're relatively cheap when you look in the cooking section! Try looking for olive oil or coconut oil to start off! (Coconut oil can double as a moisturizer since it is small enough to penetrate the strands of the hair shaft.) If you need something thicker try Castor oil or Jamaican Black Castor oil.Good Luck!
I will cosign in finding products at Walmart. Target is good as well. And sometimes Ulta as they always seem to have some BOGO deal going on.  I use Tresemme naturals as my leave in and Camille Rose Curlmaker (a bit pricier but can also be found at Target..) Ecostyler is a goos gel and pretty cheap and cam be found easily at Sally's and other stores.Shea Moisture has good deep conditioners...again these can be found at Target,  Walmart and Ulta. Aussie Moist is good as is Neutrogena triple moisture mask I believe its called. Good luck with your curly hair regimen!