Hair care after starting CG

help don't know what type my hair is and what and how to use products any and all help accepted Bottom 2 and left picture are before CG top right us just starting CG and using deva products now my hair is just wavy HELP!! Been CG 5 months and still feel like I am experimenting!!

2 Answers

Scrunching product into your hair (Curl keeper does an amazing job), plumping, plopping, pixie curl diffusing and SOTC might work for you. Look it up!  
if you're following the CG method your probably cowashing instead of using shampoo. If so you want to use light products to avoid buildup. I have 3c hair so products that work for me may not work for you but ide definitely look into dry oils and light oils like argan for sealing in moisture (water leave-in conditioner) beware of silicones as they are hard to remove.