hair changing from 3b to i have no idea, 2c/3a? but i need help styling caring for it.

it's wavier on top now with very little root lift and sometimes it'll just go straight and dry on top by end of day or the next. underneath it's like a 3a sometimes 3b. so it kind of does this pyramid-ish shape. even with a good cut. i've been using deva curl on and off (mostly on) since 2008 as well getting their cut. that's what helped revive and shape my curls in the first place. i have thick full hair but not very coarse. i've tried "knot today", and "kinky curly gel" and "feed your curls". all of that is fine, but still doesn't change the pattern. not sure if it's over moisturized or has too much protein,i'm just reading about all of this and it's so overwhelming. could be hormones as well.  it just doesn't look as good unless i diffuse or use a wand and that's so depressing!! any advice is greatly appreciated.   thanks!

2 Answers

have you straightened your hair? are your curls changing or they're affected by damage? did you color/bleach your hair? you might want to consult with your hairdresser. if you get regular trims (every 3 months) your stylist would have noticed a change in curl pattern and could have guided you. the wand will definitely damage your curls and will make it more difficult to enjoy your natural texture.
thanks for responding!these are some images of what my hair looks like now. This was today after using kinky curly's Knot today (left only a very small amount in on the ends) and using deva curls styling cream. I've never used the styling cream on fully wet hair. I usually use deva curls ultra or lift get with more one condition left in. And use the cream as frizz control or next day. I think it's too much alone because it was automatically frizzy and fairly straight ish on top. Even after plopping and jaw clips. i guess I don't know how to make the two different curl patterns now arising work in way that looks good and defined.