Why is the front of my hair curliest?

I have about shoulder length 2b-ish hair, and the front is very much 2c, but sometimes the back is almost 2a. The front is also much more defined and less frizzy. Anyone know how I can make the back better? (note: I used to have very long hair, and then had the opposite problem) 

1 Answer

So a couple of things can contribute to this special circumstance. First, is genetics; many naturals/curlies don't have one set curl pattern or texture throughout their whole head. Its rather normal to have varying textures with the back being looser than the front. I experience the same issue with the back of my hair being a 3C and the remainder of my head is a 4A. When hair is longer the opposite can happen due to the heaviness of the hair. A solution to this problem is having a devacut or a similar speciality cut for curly hair to bring balance to your hair.