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Having not relaxed my hair in a number of years, I forgot about a little thing called protein. Thinking that I needed a protein treatment, I purchased ORS Hair Mayonnaise from the local grocery store and put it in my hair (after washing) that weekend. I applied the product as usual and sat underneath a hooded dryer for 20 minutes. After removing the plastic cap (more specifically, the Wal-Mart grocery bag) from my head, I noticed that my hair was curly, shiny, laid down on my face, and that I was able to run my fingers through my hair to touch my scalp (FYI: I have what the natural hair community likes to call thick/course 4C hair, which is not curly, not particularly shiny, grows up to the sky, and running my figures through it is not particularly easy). In my shock, I didn't think to take video or picture of my sudden texture change. Instead, I rinsed it out to see if this new phenomenon would remain; weirdly enough, it did not. Weirder still, I used this product at least two more times after this, and the texture change never happened again. In fact, the next two times I used it, my hair become hard, brittle, and difficult to manipulate -- which is what I was expecting to happen in the first place. Who else has experienced this?

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If it has protein in it, then the first time you used it it was giving your hair what it badly needed and your hair responded well. However, there is a thing called protein overload (as well as protein sensitivity). For you it is overload b/c your hair no longer needed protein and it makes the hair feel like straw, rough, crispy, brittle. It's an awful feeling! Back off of the protein and you will have to figure out how often you need it. It could be once a month, it could be once every 6 months! In the mean time be sure to do deep moisturizing but avoid protein (and even coconut can give the same feeling- so try olive oil and heat maybe?).