My hair is curly roots, straight middle, and curly ends at the back bottom. Anyone know why?

The roots are really thick because of new growth but the middle of the hair shaft is straight as if it were permed. Ive tried aphogee protein treatment and it's helped a little but not really much. Maybe it's from the pineapple method.

1 Answer

It could be a number of things. Ask yourself these questions to help determine what could be the culprit:How do I preserve my hair at night?How do I style my hair (tight ponytails, frequent protective styles, etc)?Do I use keratin products or others recommended for straight, chemically straightened hair?Do I use a heat styling tool (curling wand, flat iron) over 400 degrees often?Do I brush or comb my hair frequently (and harshly)?Do I focus care on my roots and ends--and not the rest of my hair?Once you determine what could be the cause, feel free to respond to this post and I'll follow-up with more in-depth reasons on how we can help you fix your problem area.