My hair doesn't curl like it did when it was shorter

When my hair was short I used to just use conditioner, a small amount of curl cream, curl gel and let it dry naturally. Now I have grown it out and with this is just seams dead and lifeless. It is flat and doesn't curl like it use to. I want to have it longer but as it doesn't look as good I am just fighting to cut it again! I am 2b when short and just ick at the moment!

1 Answer

I literally am going through the same thing! I'm growing out my hair and it seemed dead, flat, and all over just sad. I wanted to cut it short again. However I did some research on protein treatments. Apparently it can really help tighten and define your curls. However, if you use too much protein when your hair doesn't need it, you can experience "protein sensitivity". I was scared to do this for awhile, but I sucked it up and went for it. I did a protein treatment and my hair super springy and defined again!! If you're not sure if your hair needs some extra protein or not do a stretch test. Look it up Anyways, I really hope this works for you like it worked for me! If not DON'T GIVE UP!! You can achieve long hair! Good luck!