My hair doesn't curl like it use to. It's dry & limp and lifeless. Please help!

I deep condition bi-weekly using Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner. I sometimes add coconut oil. I use Mixed Chicks leave in conditioner. Shea Moistures African Black Soap Shampoo once a week and the Coconut/Hibiscus shampoo any other time I wash. Oil weighs my hair down. I recently got a 2 inch trim and trim regularly (every 8 weeks.) I haven't straightened my hair in 3 months and I'm just frustrated and need help before I just chop it all off. 

2 Answers

It sounds like you need to do a protein treatment to revive your curls. Do you moisturize AND seal. There no reason to just moisturize it will just become dry again. If you do seal make sure its a sealant that actually seals your hair. Try not using a lot of oil and rub it in your hands first then apply it to your hair. A lot will weigh your hair down. But you have something to seal in the moisture or else it will always be dry.
What do you recommend I use to seal it? I do use Palmers Coconut Oil Protein Pack about once a month. But when you say "seal it" what do you mean exactly?