My hair is dry and my curls aren't very defined!

My hair has been transitioning for about a year now and it looks better than it used to look, of course! Yet my hair is dry and not all of my hair is defined. Any products you could recommend? Thank you!!

1 Answer

Are you following the Curly Girl Method? If not look into YouTube videos about it. You will get so many tips from people who have similar hair. Look into Rockyn Curls, Waterlily 716, Curly Penny, SunKissAlba. That should have you headed towards your best curls! I personally love the Hask Keratin Protein Deep conditioning pack a few times a month and Shea Moisture conditioners. I answered in depth my whole routine on a post from the first page here. You should be able to find it from a person asking about 3a hair. Cheers!