My hair is always dry and frizzy?

I have 3a/3b curls. My hair is moist and is curly only for a few hours after I style it. After those few hours my hair dries and I lose all of my curls. I usually have to apply products every day because my hair loses its curls overnight, even though I put it in a bun and have a silk pillow case.I've used different kinds of leave in conditioners (not all at once. just overtime) and usually seal it with coconut oil. I only use deep conditioners and shampoo once a week. However it seems my hair just can't retain moisture. This has been going on for years. Any advice will help me greatly. Thank you :)

1 Answer

It would be best if you figured out your hair's porosity first for a proper answer.But if your hair is low porosity your hair is dry because your cuticles are closed and its difficult for moisture to get into your strands. If your hair is high porosity your hair is dry because your cuticles are always open, meaning that moisture gets in easily but escapes just as soon as it's in there. If you find out your porosity, I can help you out more. A quick tip though, coconut oil isnt a great oil to seal in moisture because it's a penetrating oil. It is an oil that moisturizes more than sealing. I hope this helps, xo