Why is my hair so dry frizzy and brittle the front two sections of my head? (

Before I came to college it seem like my hair was growing but slowly but now that I've been in college for a least a year it seems that my hair has completely stopped growing. On top of that from the middle of my head to the front where my edges are my hair is dry, brittle and frizzy (even when wet). When I try putting curling products it it if it still it just makes it or frizzy or flaky if I put curling cream products in it I have to a lot to it. By the time I finish but the curling cream products my hair as white build up all the way through it. But the back of my hair curls very easily is usually smooth and less frizzy. However my hair has not grown past two years!What's going on with her hair? please help! I know my hair is ultimately 3b but I suspect I have 4B mixture as well.

1 Answer

First all you may need a cut, evaluate the length of the damage and cut as much as you need and afterwards get regular trims. Hair stops growing when you don't trim it, the ends are always more susceptible to damage and they will prevent the hair from growing so regular trimmings are a must. So if it grew 1 inch trim half an inch so you will a net grow of half an inch and eventually you will reach the desired goal with healthy hair.For the dry and frizz do a protein treatment and the regular deep conditioning.Hope it helps and good luck