My hair is very dry, frizzy, dull, coarse, and undefined- how do I fix this? Please help!

I have 3B hair that is low porosity, high density curls. I am struggling to find products that work well for my hair. It is very frizzy, dry, coarse, dull, and poufy. My biggest problem is how frizzy and undefined it is. I never use heat products on my hair. I use non silicone shampoo and conditioner every 3 days or so. I've tried co washing but the co wash I used just made my scalp and hair have a lot of build up. I am currently using cantu leave in cream, and previously I used shea moisture cream. Both seem to work alright, but neither define my curls well and they are still frizzy. As soon as I get out of the shower my curls look frizzy, and even when wet and putting product on my curls they are frizzy. My hair feels so coarse, not soft or springy. It feels rough and pretty gross. I am tired of having my hair in this state. I know it isn't healthy, but I don't know how to fix it or how it got damaged? Can anyone help me? I need recommendations for good, moisturizing products or any kind of advice, thanks! The first image attached is my hair after styling with products, this is my hair on a good day. The second one is when my hair is wet, still dripping- you can already see the frizz forming, and it only gets worse. 

2 Answers

Hi,For dry frizzy hair you can try home remedies like banana with milk, yogurt, avocado with yogurt, mayonnaise etc.. You need to oil your hair also.
A lot of people assume that frizzy hair = damaged hair. It's annoying when you take really good care of your hair, as I do, and it's still frizzy. I deep condition regularly, don't use sulphates, silicones, or heat, sleep in a satin scarf, etc., but the frizz always comes back. It's just my curl pattern, the strands don't line up neatly. If I had long hair, I'd use flexirods, based on what I've seen, but I can't quite manage those yet. The one thing that seems to work for me is to go through all my hair in sections when it's soaking wet and coated with products, and carefully define each curl using Teri LaFlesh's smoothing method (described on - it's intended for tighter curls but it works for loose curls too), then let it air dry. I'll attach a picture of how it looked on a good hair day, and another one for comparison so you can see what I'm dealing with. It takes a while, and it only lasts a few days, even with redoing a few sections every morning. But it does work. Hope this helps...good luck.