My hair is very dry and im experiencing hair loss around my edges

Hi, my hair is type 4a and its very dry and weak. I recently straightened my hair and after i washed it i realised it was heat damaged so untill now it still smells burnt, i wanted to cut it all off but then again i cant go out without hair on my head umm embarrassing... anyways im also experiencing bold paches at the front sides of my head (edges) are literally gone. My hair is quite short just reaching the start of my neck and when ever i trim it, it always returns to the same length. I want to grow my hair very long and healthy but i dont know were to begin it feels like it's almost impossible to grow my hair strong and healthy (side note with no bold patches.)Please give me a soloution to:- bold patches around my edges- weak, dry and heat/damaged hair - hair growth- and if i should trim all my heat damage or wait till it growsForgot  to mention i think im experiencing hair loss too.Please help Thank you 

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