Hair easily tangles and MATS :(

I have, oh I'd say, about 4 different textures in my mainly type 3 hair. On the bottom, towards the nape of my neck, my hair is probably like a 2C texture and it gets tangled and matted within hours after wearing it out (seriously). Other parts of my hair are within the 3 range (3A-3B maybe even a little bit of 3C?) and they get tangled, too, but not as badly as it gets in that bottom half. I got an ombré done in September which required bleaching, but the tangling happened before I even got my hair bleached. My hair is medium/long (mid back/boob) so I'm not sure if it's an issue of length (like if my hair just can't handle being at a certain length). My hair does not really like coconut oil or olive oil (unless I'm pre-pooing) because these types of oils weigh my hair down and it lacks the volume I desire. I've become such a product junkie trying to see what works best to minimize tangles so that my wash n go can actually survive past 1 day. Saturating my hair in conditioner or other products doesn't seem to work all that great, except in defining my curls (but then again, I get no volume). I'm not sure if I have heat damage necessarily because my hair has always had this weird mix of textures that range from wave/almost straight to coily curls. I know this is a super long-winded question, but I haven't found anyone with my hair type out there on the YouTube or IG, so I haven't been able to really find the best products for me. Products I've liked in the past are Shea Moisture coconut curling creme, Tresemme Mousse (great defintion but dried my hair), Tresemme Naturals conditioner and shampoo, Sebastian Drench conditioner, KCKT, KCCC and Carols Daughter. That's the short list. SO. Anyone out there with similar woes?

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Im not sure on what you want. Your hair is rubbing your back, it will get tangled, obviously, but it shouldn't be annoying. Are you trying to comb your hair while curly? or do you actually see it tangled? (like a whole mess from hell lol). You need a cream or gel that really holds, so the hair strands remain within the pattern. You could begin using a gel and not breaking the cast.
I have different textures in my hair too and it gets frustrating trying to get it all behaving. The hair lowest, at the nape is the least curly and sometimes has chunks of straight-like strands. While the top of of my hair is tight curls (My sides are more 3B but the back top of the head leans between 3B and 3C). The best way I have gotten my hair to look more uniform is by manipulating with styles. Usually I braid different sections to match each other. The bottom of my head with slightly smaller and tighter curls because it loses a bit of shape. About halfway through the week, or when my hair gets frizzy, I refresh with a cowash and untangle and/or style it again in braids(it curls more after this)... or let it air dry after scrunching the bottom hair mostly since the rest of the hair had an "ok" volume. When I give up I do Curlformers which can sometimes last me about a week. Are you doing deep conditioners every week? Would you use a Leave-in conditioner to detangle weekly? Recently I have tried plopping, and had mixed results. But I used a product that makes my hair oily (Moroccan oil intense curl creme) It gave enough volume but I may have used too much.(AND is had mineral oil listed) My regular leave-in, which I don't always leave on is "Cantu Shea butter leave in conditioning cream" it has no "sulfates, silicones, parabens or mineral oil". I have the KCCC but only use for special occasions. My current gel  is "ic hair polisher styling gel" it's alcohol free and non flaking. I usually use the cantu shea butter 90% of the time and the gel 60% for when I want a hold on my definition and frizz reduction. I'm still trying to find a good combination. Tresemme and Fructis Garnier WRECK my hair. I stay away from those because they do not work for me. I have tried Trader joe's conditioner which didn't give me enough slip but overall was ok, and Burt's Bees which I did like but switched for some reason. Find a good shampoo and conditioner that are moisture geared. ALSO, the type of comb you use is important. I use a large comb to detangle in the shower, leave in conditioner and wash out end of shower or leave in... add w.e I need when I am out of the shower (Gel, hair creams) and use a Conair brush (The kind that comes with several dots across them, NOT a brush with many bristles those will make the delicate hairs snap). Anyways the Conair brush is for giving clumping AND definition to your hair. If you pass the brush then scrunch or use the rake and shake (Only shake part) it defines the curls further.(You don't need to do it everywhere) This is what works for me, might work with changing a few things for you. Heck I've even twisted sections in my hair, and separated it when it dried (It looked cute). Shake the roots gently for volume. The only oil I have used was Jojoba oil. I stopped using it as I changed up my routine.Good luck and if you figure out a way that works for you, let me know!I attached a picture of my hair after braiding. I wish I remembered what I used because it was my sister's stuff used while I was visiting. The hair is much longer now... past mid-back and curls less I think due to weight.I would have posted more pictures of my hair naturally without anything, after stretching, with no product, after curlformers etc etc but need to find those pictures.