my hair has been feeling oily and sticky. what should i do? ive nvr had this problem till last month

after i shampoo and my hair dries up, the crown area is left feeling oily, or mostly sticky. not TOO MUCH, but pretty much. and sometimes not just the crown, but also a few clumps of hair at the back. whereas, the hair from mid-length onwards is perfectly normal (dry). ive never faced this problem till last month. what should i do? this happens every time i wash my hair. p.s.- (also, today i used a hair mask- yoghurt, honey, olive oil. it didn't do much to my hair, except sort of clumping and hardening the hair in places... especially the crown. why did this happen?)

1 Answer

With the mask, did you cover it with a shower cap or plastic bag? It will definitely harden if it isn't covered. The mask is a great combination, it should've left your hair very soft and shiny. Try using heat next time to make sure the mask penetrates your hair. As for your scalp, how often are you shampooing? This could be drying out your scalp which is making it overcompensate and produce way more sebum than normal. Try cutting back on the shampooing, start co-washing and see if that makes a difference.