Hair Gets Less Curly in Days Following Wash

I started plopping and realized that it really helps bring out my newly found 2b curls! But so far, I have plopped 3 times and the best curls were the day I shampoo-but they were fairly dry and frizzy curls. Since then I've had loose curls and waves. My hair is still frizzy though, and my scalp hasn't been oily.... I don't know what to do!!! I can't win :(I don't use silicones or sulfates. I've been using a small amount of Shea Moisture Restorative Conditioner, then a few drops of Redken Diamond Oil, then Kinky Curly Knot Today before plopping.

2 Answers

Sounds like you've got a great regimen going. My hair also gets less curly the longer I go between washes. It's normal if you're not using a gel or styler to hold your curls. You've got lots of moisture in your hair, so your hair will naturally fall over a couple of days. I recommend trying a light gel to hold your curls between washes. Right now, I am loving DevaCurl Light Defining Gel. It doesn't leave your hair crunchy. If you don't want to try a gel, you might want to try misting your hair with water to get your hair curly again. But just be aware that might lead to frizz. Gel will help hold your curls, and keep frizz away. Good luck!
I have the same problem with my 3a hair, it gets flatter as the day goes on. I use a Shea moister gel when my hair is wet and scrunch like crazy afterwords, but you might not want to use it it might be too heavy for your type of hair. Another thing I like is using aloe vera gel, its a lot more lightweight and is also very good for your hair. I use that when my hair is damp, water it down a bit with purified water and then scrunch it in, and then diffuse. I do suggest diffusing after plopping because it really helps hold style. You can even do no heat on it if you want but I don't have the patience for that haha