my hair gets really knotted and curly. What is the bests way to detangle type 3A hair?

I'm new to this whole special curly hair products thing. I'm not sure hwat to do about tangles.

2 Answers

hello, I knows it's really hard to detangle curls so I will give you some tips.First of all. When you wash your hair do not bunch it on top of your head as this causes tangles, instead run your hands down your hair as this will prevent knotting. Also make sure to use a conditioner with lots of slip eg: kinky curly knot today, or miss Jessie's creme de la curl. You should also avoid drying products that contain alcohol such as hairspray or mousse and even some drugstore haif gels, instead choose light creams and oils to moisturise and add slip to your curls, hope this helps!
Hi there,Try to only detangle your hair while wet and fully conditioned. Section your hair in four or more parts if you have really thick or long hair. Start with one section. When your hair is fully drenched with conditioner you start detangling at the bottom of your hair. Be gentle, no ripping, no pulling. There are some tutorials on youtube on how to do so. Work your way up untill the whole section is tangle free. Repeat on each section. Use the loc or lco method afterwards to retain moisture. Good luck!