My hair gets SUPER matted. What do I do? (Please read the deets!)

Hi everyone! So, the problem Im having is that my hair gets extremely matted. The back of my head becomes one huge matted, knotty pancake. I brush it pretty often (almost every day), but it never seems to end. I don't think my hair is super dry, but it does get dryer the longer I don't wash it ( I can usually only go 3 days without washing, because I have eczema on my scalp and use a medicated shampoo...which probably doesn't help the dryness.) I dont know what to do with my hair, my mom calls it the devil. Its beautiful when its happy, but when it isn't I just want to shave it all off. Additional Info: I think Im a mix of a few hair types, the top is wavy with curly ends, then underneath is super ringlet curls and some loose curls- But I can't really define what types it is. I live far up in Northern Ontario, Canada- Which definitely could affect my hair dryness. For the dryness, I have tried different products and my hair does not seem to like them at all. But any suggestions are welcome :) Thank you! Morgan. 

1 Answer

Could you share the exact products you use? There might be some ingredients that your hair doesn't like or you may need to add more products into your routine.