My hair still gets tangled with a prepoo

The hardest thing for me on my natural hair journey has been my tangled. It doesn't matter if I dentangle my hair for 2 hours because literally not even 5 mins later it gets tangled! A day later it's tangled. I pre pop with coconut oil and when I shampoo in the shower my hair he's tangled yet again. The front of my hair is fine until I reach everything behind my ears rhats so tangled I have to cut out my knots. This has been happening more frequently lately. I think kinky kurl knot today and shea moisture curly enhancing smoothie contribute to the knots that I have to cut off. What can I do!? 

1 Answer

My hair is the same way! So I don't know if you use silicones of not but for a while I was silicone free and it's was hell, I went back to silicones and everything is okay now. I know a lot of curlies are so against silicones but if your hair is stressing you out then I would just go back to silicone. If you already use silicones then maybe look into a detangler. I used to us "MY DNA DETANGLER" or the "Vatika coconut detangler" but I don't know if you can get that in the US.