Why is my hair getting thinner and less curly?

My hair is getting thinner and less curly, I have no idea why. There's a lot of breakage as well, and I lose a lot pf hair when I shower. I believe I have type 2c/3a hair. I tend to stress quite easily and shower with hot water (I know it's bad, I'm trying to stop). My main goal is to get my hair curlier and thicker. Also my hair is pretty flat from the roots till two inches down, then it starts getting curly. Any answers will be greatly appreciated. 

1 Answer

Have you tried a pre-shampoo treatment prior to showering? It helps a lot with shedding, either by detangling with an oil (I use EVOO mixed with my leighis butter) or I do an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse (4:1 Water to ACV) on dry hair before the shower and the ACV rinse REALLY helps with enhancing my curls! As for the hot water in the shower, I had that problem too! I find that if you just take the shower as usual with the hot water and have your hair pinned up until you've had a moment to relax and enjoy the steam of the shower, once you start to warm up, it's much easier to move the temperature down to a more tolerable temperature for your hair, then you can take the hair down and cleanse/condition, etc. And I always make sure to rinse with cold water, which sounds insane but it's actually so good for the entire body not just the hair, promotes circulation which leads to hair growth and honestly your body gets used to it quickly (within 2 weeks, I'd say,) and it does nothing but good. I'd also recommend using bentonite clay and coconut milk for a cleansing and conditioning treatment on your hair. Just heat your coconut milk gently, then add bentonite clay and mix until smooth (about 1/4 cup of each.) Apply this to wet hair and allow to sit for 30 minutes. Rinse and do a quick co-wash after then moisturize (I use leighis butter again.) The bentonite really does well at thickening and strengthen my curls and they come out extremely defined and beautiful while the coconut milk moisturizes and acts as a gentle protein treatment. Coconut milk will also help you with breakage!Let me know if this helps!