My hair now grows in several different curl patterns after years of abuse?

Hello ! Well after years of heat styling, gels, and product concoctions, my hair has started to grow in several different curl patterns. It used to be between a 3a & 3b, but now it's anywhere from a 2b to a 3b. I use to think it was heat damage & would eventually grow out curly but it actually grows out straight-ish now and gets curly about two to three inches from the roots. I have noticed that the sides of my head have slowly began to curl tighter all the way to the rootslike it originally did (super excited about this) but I wanted to know if I can speed this up or help the rest of my hair tighten up too. I've been completely heatless for about 3 years now, and I haven't touched a comb/ brush, or sulfates/silicones for about 6 months but I still haven't really seen a change. Help !

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