My hair HATES oils and butters. What can I use to seal?

When I put even the lightest oil in my hair, my hair becomes crispy, brittle, and dry. When I apply a butter to my hair, even a pea sized amount, it its on top and feels icky and greasy.I did pre poo with mustard seed oil overnight and came out with soft hair but as a styling product it is too oily for my low porosity, fine hair. I read that I can moisturise with a creamy hair moisturising lotion, then seal with cold aloe vera juice or AVC, is this true?

2 Answers

naptural85, an AMAZING hair blogger, seals with aloe vera juice and it works really well for her. It's very light and moisturizing.
I'm not sure about any of the science behind whether either of those should work or not, except that you can close the hair cuticle with cold water, which might have that sealing effect you want without oil or butter. Even if it does "work" you might not like the way it makes you hair feel, so the best way to find out whether or not it works for you is to try it. I have low porosity fine hair also and I find I really have to dial back the amount of oil or butter I use if any. I have not liked how a cold rinse/application of anything feels on my hair and I do not like using ACV as anything but a cleanser I'm going to dilute and rinse out completely. I do like aloe vera gel–the one that is sold with near the juice and is half liquid half gel consistency. My hair is soft and defined after using. With the juice I can't tell whether it's doing the same thing but you can try it too.I also notice that a little bit of vegetable glycerin and lots of water work to seal in moisture for me, but if you live in a dry climate or your hair doesn't like glycerin then that obviously won't work for you.The best thing to do is just give a few things a try. Don't commit your whole head of hair to it, just try one section (like a 1/4 of your hair) so that if its a fail you won't have to deal with it all over your hair.I hope that helps!