My hair is Insane any tips to tame the crazy mane. & What are must haves for my curly hair.

I have dark brown hair. It starts off super curly at the root then fades into a less tighter curl at the ends. I do have an Ombre. The hair products I use are Wen, Aussie, and Garnier.It's extremely frizzy with dry tips and unpredictable curls, but who's aren't unpredictable. I've never really been comfortable with my natural hair. the moment I learned to us a straighten I was inseparable from it. For the past two yrs have only straightneed my hair maybe 30x for special occasions. I cut most of my hair off in mid 2013 cause it was fried and irreparable. Now its about 12-13 inchs long. I want to embrace my hair I just have NO IDEA HOW?!  I really just need tips like what to put in my hair and what supplies I should be using to style and maintain. Please Help ♡

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