My hair isn't frizzy but has no definition at the top and curls well at the bottom

I use the LCO method, I rinse with cold water, deep condition every week with natural products and do an intense protein treatment at least once a month, I moisturize daily,and I sleep on a satin pillow case. I've being doing these things for over 8 months and the top of my hair hasn't changed. I tried cutting a piece to see if it would make it curl but it did nothing. My hair appears frizzy but it's not. 3c hair but top has no definition. PLEASE HELP

2 Answers

Do you straighten it or blow it out? Looks like heat damage. 
Is your hair heavy? Sometimes weight can cause the top to flatten out. It's hard to see from the picture here. If it's weight you might try plopping to see if it helps give you more curls near the top. It takes the weight off the top of the hair while it's drying. It gives me more definition with less manipulation. If I touch my hair much, even during wet styling it gets frizzier. I rake all the products through as quickly as I can. Run the wide tooth comb through to make sure it's evenly distributed. Then I plop. I leave the plop on for at least an hour, but if I do it at night I sleep with the plop on and my hair is nearly dry when I wake up. It allows me to avoid scrunching altogether so I don't frizz my hair by touching it too much. If that didn't work, and I were you, I'd probably try a diffuser. I've never used one myself, but I've seen YouTube videos where they show how you carefully scrunch your hair with the diffuser and bend your head this way and that way to lift the roots. This might also work to give you definition with the hair on top. If all that fails, would twists outs or flat braids give you a more uniform curl that you're looking for? Or even some kind of foam curl or those curlformers? I use the foam flexible curlers on my daughters hair and it's heat free and she gets curls from root to tip. I hope some of this might help. Sorry if my answer was all over the place. Also, I have high porosity dense hair 3A/B and I use the LCO method as well, lately I don't even use gel at all, just a leave in, a styling milk, and a homemade butter/oil combo I made myself and love. I'm trying to stay away from styling products in general and lean more towards conditioning and moisturizing products to help heal my hair and re-moisturize it. It was pretty dry and straw-like before I switched to CG method.