hey guys! I've been natural 3 years now. My hair is past my nipples/boobs at this point. I have some light color towards the ends. Anyways my hair is locking. I have an awesome routine, LOC or OLC or LCO with lots of leave in. Lately my hair has been snarled. I can't get my figures in it and it's knotted top to bottom. Even when I think it's combed out, I'll brush it down and then it's all tangled again. It feels gross and sounds like plastic or rubber bands snapping! My hair type, when product I have looser curls. When no profuct I have an Afro. I have VERY VERY COURSE HAIR, like sheep hair on the regular but also a bit soft, my curls are 3a,b, and c if that even matters. Please don't think of my curl type, as my hair is more on the side of typical course hair and is not as "white" if that can give you a picture?  Thanks guys.

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