My hair is already moisturized / damaged but it just will not grow

About 3 years ago, one of my sisters friend's mom did my hair. I don't know if she put a "Just for me" perm in my hair, but it made my curls flat without a puff and it grew super long! Now, my hair has been cut 3 times with school scissors, straightened and it is just damaged/ short. I don't understand why my hair is not growing; it is mosturized and soft. Please help!

1 Answer

Honestly, hair growth is about patience. As long as you're eating lots of fruit and vegetables for nutrition and drinking water everyday so that the nutrients flow easily around your blood system and noruish your hair follicles, hair growth is a waiting game.On top of that, make sure you're retaining length. Your hair has been damaged, so you need to look into strengthening it so it doesn't break. Consider a protein treatment (conditioner containing hydrolyzed wheat protein in the top 5 ingredients). Look into doing protective styles for a few months, which tuck away your ends (braids, weave, twists) and avoid them splitting. If moisture is no problem for you, focus on these things. The average human hair growth rate is half and inch a month, if that. It's slower or quicker in some people. So it really does require patience. I found when I stopped focusing on growth, it bothered me less and I could just enjoy my hair for what it was.