My hair get oily by the fourth day. I think I have 4a or 3c hair. What can I do to give my hair body

3 Answers

Sometimes, hair cannot go a whole week without washing. Sounds to me like you should try clarifying your hair and co-washing every couple of days.Remember that when using a shampoo, look for something that is sulfate-free and always use the pads of your fingers to rub the product into your scalp. Don't focus on any part of your hair while shampooing. Then, condition and detangle the rest of your hair. Give it lots of love. Sometimes when my hair is either really oily or really dry I do everything else I need to do in the shower and rinse my conditioner out lastly.In between wash days, use a dry shampoo like DevaCurl No-Poo Quick Cleanser. This is a simple sulfate and silicone-free spray that absorbs oil out your hair.
I want to use a semi permanent rinse (jazzin) in my hair but I also want to do a 2 min aphogee  protein packet as well. What should I do first. or can I do both in the same day.
do the protein pack first, wait a day or 2.. then color your hair. if you do it on the same day, the color might not take.