Hair products to eliminate frizz, give me smooth curls?

Alrighty everyone, I am in a major crisis. I have loved my curls for years. I used to wash every other day and condition every day, use garnier leave in, a little gel on my ends and boom they would love amazing every time. And now, after I've changed shampoos trying to go for ones specifically for my 3b, incredibly frizzy hair, they just look awful. Some of them are still defined, but the majority are just a frizzy mess. I have tried the sheamoisture products and the Aussie deep conditioner, also John Freida products. None do anything for my hair. I use the CG method, but no matter what I do even when my hair is sopping wet in 2 seconds the huge layer of frizz is already coating all of my hair. Please help, my hair is very long, thick, and takes forever to dry. Would love to diffuse it but that makes frizz worse. 

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