What hair products are out there to keep my hair mosturized?

I tried  to moisturize my hair  with shea butter  mostiure  for  some reason  my hair  is  very dry I need help.

1 Answer

I agree with Lesa. That method works wonders for me.Coat your hair with a water based moisturizer first and then apply your oils/shea butter. I also like to do the Greenhouse effect which is where you lightly coat your hair with oil, cover it with a plastic cap or bag, tie your head up with a scarf, a bonnet, or anything to keep the heat in the bag and go to sleep. When you wake in the morning your hair will be slightly damp but thats the point. It infuses moisture overnight and using a light oil that penetrates that shafts like olive or coconut helps soften the hair and hold in moisture. Also on wash day, add moisture through DC's and co-washing if you do not do so already.