My hair is really broken and I want it to be healthy again, what should I do?

Since June 1st, I haven't been using any product in my hair, and was deep conditioning it every Saturday. It was going well and looked healthy until a couple days ago. I think I really damaged my hair while I was finger combing it in the shower because now it's very frizzy and feels weak whenever it dries. It wasn't like this before, it would dry and be very healthy looking and curly. I am not sure what to do. I think  my hair has a lot of breakage. School starts in a month and I want my hair back to how it was (healthy and very curly) before school starts.

1 Answer

Thanks for asking! We would recommend that you consult with your salon professional who can assess the porosity and strength level of your hair and make the proper recommendation on how best to care for your hair.