My hair recently has been dried out from Chlorine and my conditioning efforts are failing :( Help

I had my hair straightened a few weeks ago for the first time in many months and all was well until I went to a waterpark and the chlorine sucked the life out of my hair since that water brought back the curls, and since my hair was already straightened that means the heat application didnt help the case. Now I find myself with my curls duller that ever and poofier, and are much looser that usual. I desperately need help please, I am usually really good at knowing how to care for my 3b curls however, all of my conditioning efforts have failed and my hair is still looking dead :'( I love my curly hair and this has never happened to me before, I would be so sad to think I lost th e luster and elasticity in my curls :o I would greatly appreciate any help or advice.I will put up a before and after picture of my hair. The pictures of just my hair without my face showing are the afters.

3 Answers

what you need is a protein and Deep condition treatment ! The protein treatment will give your hair the strength is needs while the deep condition treatment will replenish your curls with the moisture it needs.First , buy aprotein treatment. Aphogee has a wonderful protein treatment . If you would like to make your own , all you will need are some eggs ( I would say 2) and some coconut oil. You can add some mayonnaise too if you'd like. Mix those ingredients together , apply to hair BEFORE shampooing , and sir under a plastic cap for 30-45 mins. Then wash it out and use conditioner as usual .Once you rinse out the conditioner , apply a deep conditioner ! ( not a regular one) in this case , you will need an intense deep conditioner to fully moisturize your strands. Once you rinse that out your hair will start to go back to normal. Do this once a week until it does. And remember , next time you go swimming , fully saturate your hair with regular water, conditioner, and then oil before you swim so that way the chlorine will not damage your curls.And always rinse chlorine out of your hair emediatley after  swimming . Don't let the chemicals stay in your hair !
I had this problem too once and what helped me the most was a chelating shampoo which removed the chlorine from my hair and then I did the protein treatment with the Aphogee 2 step.  My hair was much better after that and my curl formation improved dramatically.
we recently published an article just for you: the CHLORINE GUIDE for curly hair :)