Hair regime for high porosity

I'm new to understanding my curls. I have dark brown never been colored curly hair( think type 2C? Maybe) I'm told by my stylist I have very porous hair. It absorbs product so around the top of my head I feel residue product all the time and have battled dandruff for years due to it.ive also had shedding for along time. I do get regular cuts but not when away at college. I'm looking into the Shea moisture curl and shine line but I'm not really sure where to start. Help?

1 Answer

Hmmm, I was also told by a stylist that I had very porous hair b/c it absorbed so much water and took forever to dry. Flash forward and since I've been on this site I discovered the porosity test (single hair in a glass of water...if it floats is low porosity, if it sinks it's high porosity). Well, mine never sank at all!! So, I actually have low porosity! Big difference. So, do the test and then find the articles on NC about porosity so you can learn a little more before deciding what product to start with!