What hair regime should I follow with dry scalp?!!!!

My hair was bleached fully in 2014. Since then it's been dyed dark and then just highlights. It is super dry. I think I have dry scalp because I have small white flakes, especially at the top of my head. near the front. My hair is 3B i think. I really want it to be healthy again. I didn't like the no poo method. Not sure why but in the beginning it felt like I was losing more hair and still had dry flakes. What hair routine should I follow to help restore healthy hair? I'm tired of it falling out more and having itchy dry flakes. I shampoo it once a week and condition twice sometimes with apple cider vinegar rinse beforehand. What do you girls recommend? Please help me. I've been freaking out since the dryness seems to be worse right now. 

2 Answers

I've had a dry scalp since birth. Turned out to be Seborrheic dermatitis, the doctor gave me some shampoo and oil that helped alot. I still use the shampoo and another shampoo that doesn't have sulfates in it. I don't use the hair oils at all, haven't in months. I use a mix of coconut oil, JBCO and Argan oil.  I researched each oil and found what works for my hair. My advice would be to visit a dermatologist and see what she says. Good luck.
Hello! I use neutrogena gel shampoo! It's good for a dry, itchy scalp! Also, i recommend using leave in conditioners to keep your hair and scalp moisturized. I recently dyed my hair and I use a leave in conditioner as often as possible. Hope this helps!