My hair is severely heat damaged !! I really dont know where to start ! My hair is a 3C

i have always had thick hair since i was a child , years back i   have been straightening my hair a lot , i never cared about it because i loved straight hair, recently i noticed that my hair started falling out alot and it started thinning its probably because i dyed my hair 3 times aswell. And my hair  does not go back to curly anymore its wavy and some are straight  , i cut off my straight ends , but i don't know what to do next or how i should take care of my hair weekly and daily , i want my curly hair back !! 

3 Answers

 If your hair is still straight after repeated washings and conditioning treatments, it's probably permanently damaged and there's unfortunately nothing you can do about that except cut it.  There's a slim chance that giving your hair TLC through weekly protein, hot oil and deep conditioning treatments may help, but frankly I've never met anyone who has successfully reversed heat damage using any of those methods.  I suggest cutting off the worst, most damaged ends of your strands right away, and gradually growing out the rest of the heat damage.  Think of it as transitioning to natural all over again.  Try protective styles such as twists or braids while growing your hair out (with or without extensions) or a rod set to give your texture the appearance of uniformity.  Good luck.  And, remember your hair will grow back. 
You need to cut all the damage hair and You will have to grow back your hair (or you can cut and inch or more every month if you don't want your hair to be too short) . To do that you must take care of your hair, do protein treatments every month, deep condition every week, and do protective stlyes
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