What do you do with hair in shower when you're not washing it?

I've watched countless videos on hair care routines and am pretty good on that end but what does one do with their hair when they're not washing it in the shower?! Leave it out? Wear a Shower cap? I know when I used to wear shower caps my hair took mold of the cap itself and became a ball, I have medium length 3C hair, but what do we do the day after washing when we don't want to wet it again?! I really don't know and cant find any answers! please help!

3 Answers

If you take a hot shower, you will get sweaty and it will be steamy and your hair will lose its shape. I don't do this now that my hair is curly because I have -no- luck with second day hair so I always re wet it to restyle, but I would take a lukewarm or cold shower to minimize steam and not make you sweat (wetting your hair even with sweat is going to make it moldable) when I flat ironed my hair. and use a scrunchie that isn't twisted around it at all, just use it to hold it back loosely. Or I would just stand in the tub with the faucet going and use a loofah or something to clean off without actually taking a shower and risk messing my hair up. Hope that helps :)
Hi Lauren Rexac, If you don't like shower caps you can try 3 things: 1. Pineapple your hair and wrap it in a satin scarf. See how to here. 2. Use something like the curly tee towel to wrap your hair and keep it from getting wet. See video below. 3. Wrap it in a t-shirt OR a towel. Be sure to keep your head out of the water stream and away from the steam as much as possible to keep your hair dry. Good luck! 
I used to flat twists my hair if I was wearing a flat-twist out for the next day. Whatever style you plan to wear, just prep it before getting in the shower.