My hair shrinkage is screwing me over big time. I need help please

okay i've been growing my hair for 11 months. It's 6inches already i guess. It's type 4c. I really dont understand cos i'm frustrated. My hair shrinks up to 2 inches like when i hold it up after it shrinks it's like 2 inches. I need help

1 Answer

I'm not sure, exactly, what your question is but, with 4c hair, shrinkage is a blaring reality. As you said, you have 6" of hair but it shrinks up to 2". Notice this only happens when you wet it and leave it to dry as it is; this is what 4c hair does when left to its own devices and this, itself, is unavoidable. 4c hair is various degrees of coily. Think of a slinky, coily and compacted. If you stretch it and let go, it goes right back to its compacted state. This, too, is unavoidable.  As a temporary solution, I would suggest keeping it stretched (twisting it or braiding it when wet and allowing it to dry that way). However, keep in mind that I said that shrinkage in unavoidable with 4c hair. If you get the stretched hair wet, it will shrink again (though not as much)A more permanent solution would be to get a texturizer to loosen your hair pattern.  The looser the curl, the less drastically it will shrink (though you may still have some levels of shrinkage)