My hair is too soft and it's frizzy and not holding curls!

Recently for the past few months i have noticed that my hair isn't holding its curl as well. I haven't changed products at all (i use pantene pro-v curly shampoo & conditioner and pureology curl complete taming butter). my stylist also told me when i was getting a trim that the hair in the back is damaged because i put it up tightly too much, so i haven't been putting my hair up as much but my hair still doesn't hold curl well. i read on here about over conditioning, could that be it? how do i know if I'm over conditioning? also in that same post i read that it could be low protein ("soft frizzy hair is low protein, hard frizzy hair is low moisture"), so could it be my diet?Also, what are some techniques i can use to help my curls' definition? please help i don't know what to do!! i am also a new user on here and the terms everyone uses confuse me so much and that certainly doesn't help my situation lol.

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