why is my hair soo stiff (4a)

i take of my hair but it soo stiff i dont know what to do even when it's wind my hair barley moves 

7 Answers

I'm confused on your question.
my natural hair is very stiff it doesn't move even when i shake my head 
Afro-textured hair tends to not move like looser textured, especially if you have high density hair.
so can't do anything about that it so stiff. No products that can help me or no tips to make it move more
There is a possibility that you are using products that are too heavy and have too much protein. You could also be using a gel with a strong cast. I am still confused by your question. Everyone has a different interpretation of movement. If you want 4a hair to move like 3a hair I am not sure that will happen.
maybe if i send you a video tomorrow you will understand more what I'm e about. But thank you fore now.
It really depends on your hair and the products you're using. I have 4a hair and my hair only moves when I take it down from twists for a second not that I necessarily like that anyway. Otherwise my hair is moisturized and stays in its dope Afro form. But like the editor said Afro textured hair doesn't tend to move.