My hair is full of tangles. I was told to brush it once a month and I do. I CW my hair. Suggestions?

1 Answer

Hi, so it seems that you brush your hair once a month? That may be your problem, see I don't really recommend brushing your hair because that always makes my hair tangle up and become way frizzier than it needs to be. I definitely recommend that you Detangle it often, it helps when it's wet , and you put some sort of moisturizer in it . Keep co-washing it though.  Perhaps, while you co-wash you can Detangle at the same time. I have a shower comb from the brand Conair, I bought it at Target for a few bucks and it works really well. I'd definitely recommend that or this brush called "The Wet Brush". To me, the wet brush isn't really a brush because the bristles are really flexible and they don't pull your hair as much as a typical hard hair brush. Hope this helped!