Is it my hair texture or is it unhealthy?

I've been natural for 6 months and I've noticed that when my hair completely dries everything kind of clumps together usually to the point where if I had applied products when moving my hair it's slow and feels like it's mushed together I guess that means "weighed down" but I try not to apply a lot of products because nothing has seemed to work at moisturizing it. When my hair is wet it looks different than from when it is dry. The attached picture can show what I'm explaining. The top left picture and the pic on the right is my hair when it is freshly washed with no product and the bottom left is my hair once it is completely dry. 

2 Answers

I think that is it just your hair type. I have some 3c coils and they clump together. That is just what coils do. Maybe you should try a different kind of comb/brush to see if that helps. For me wide tooth combs stop clumping. I kind of like the clumping because it lessens the amount of frizz in my hair. :) 
Find yourself a really good conditioner , perhaps "coconut oil" and use it once or twice a week and trust me you'll see a different result in about two weeks .  Good luck !!